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35th Milo Marathon Race Results Announcement

Dear Runner,

Congratulations for your accomplishment at the 35th Milo Marathon Manila Elimination Race!

The official race result is the most reliable testament of your marathon achievement. We have initially promised that the official race results will be released two days after race, however, we sincerely apologize that we were unable to do so because we needed another day to validate and check thoroughly the race results.

For transparency, we have discovered some possible issues that we would like to resolve before publishing them:
– No race result/missing data
– No name or “unknown runner” (please see list HERE)

No race result:
The timing tag or B-Tag was attached to your number bib.  If your bib was not attached properly, your time might not register.
– Bib was not properly attached and clearly visible at your upper torso and pinned in all corners
– Bib was folded or wrinkled
– Bib was attached to a race belt, at your back or at your side
– Bib was covered by a jacket, a plastic, a belt or a water bottle

No name:
For those bib numbers without corresponding information (i.e. name, gender, age, etc.), please email us at runriotiming@gmail.com with the following details:
– Bib number
– Name (LAST, FIRST, M.I.)
– Birthdate (mm/dd/yy)
– Age and gender

The Official Race Results are now available for viewing at the Official Milo Website.

Again, our apologies for the race results delay and thank you very much to your unwavering support.

RunRio, Inc.

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