The Race

Do you allow iPods?


How far is the Afroman Distance?


Must I wear my timing chip?

Yes, your timing chip allows your official time to be recorded. You will put the timing chip on your shoe before the race begins, and the chip will transmit a signal to a computer as you cross the starting and finishing mats.

Where do I return the timing chip after the race?

No need to return your chip after the race. They are disposable or you may opt to keep them as a souvenir.

How many water stations and porto-lets will be available?

Depending on the number of participants, there can be as many as 11 water stations and as many as 40 porto-lets available along the course and at the activity area.

What happens if I become injured on the course?

We provide medical assistance via stationary ambulance and bike medics along the course. All participants are provided with a health insurance by the organizer.

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